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© All images copyright 2016

© All images copyright 2016

Sprout Botanicals Logo Design

I designed this logo for a friend who was going into business for herself making baby skin care products. The logo is used on websites, business cards and point of sales displays.

The Tiny Cartridge header Image

I was requested to make a header image for the guys at the Tiny Cartridge who took a fondness to my papercrafts. (No longer in use)

© All images copyright 2016

While I've been the recipient of very little formal training I have worked for years cultivating a creative persona. What started as a hobby fast became a passion and is moving towards a professional career. My mediums range from junk art to paper craft diaramas to digital illustration to writing.

I am currently available for freelance work in the field of illustration and animation. To contact me directly, please direct your emails here:

© All images copyright 2016

Dwarf Fortress
Maddeningly complex and infinitely fun independantly developed game about dwarves. Not for the faint of heart

Achewood comics
Wonderfully absurd and esoteric comic

Apak Studio
Spectacular images of fantasy worlds and peoples.

Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers
If I had to pick a band to tune my life's soundtrack it would be this wonderful Canadian group.

Italo Calvino
Easily my favourite author. I especially recommend 'Cosmicomics' and 'Marco Valdo'

H.P. Lovecraft's Commonplace book
Snippits of thoughts and ideas transcribed from the master of horror's own book. This inspired me to carry around my own commonplace book.

© All images copyright 2016

These microbots do not compute but they do the cute - The Torontoist
A story about my home made robot building hobby from the Toronto-centric blog The Torontoist

Tomopop Interview - Tomopop
Interview for Toy enthusiast blog Tomopop
"Thomas is a man capable of great feats of crafty derring-do and prestidigitation. The magic he can create with the most common of items redefine the world itself with a new sheen of amazing awesomnitiude."

Artist Spotlight: Thomas Girard - Steel Bananas
York university art and poetry 'zine.

Acclaim for 'Distance to he moon' - The Tiny Cartridge
A video game blog focusing on the artistic side of gaming.

Interview with an Imaginary Friend - Couple of Gamers
Interview with Lori Dance of 'Couple of Gamers'
"But there was something about Thomas' work that evoked the word "whimsical" in a way that, refreshingly enough, did not make me want to punch him in the face."

© All images copyright 2016

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© All images copyright 2016